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    Tempo di Borea is the meeting of two movement artists who felt in love with hight, suspension, and modified gravity. 


Ella Cocset and Rebekka Gather are convinced by the power of art to modify our ways of thinking and being by opening new spaces for our feelings and imaginations. Their work focuses on body and architecture, site specific performances and sensitive listening of places.

They are following the Vertical Dance philosophy that the verticaldanceforum has  developed during the last decade. Since 2019 Rebekka and Ella have been training together at several Masterclass and vertical dance trainings in Europe and founded their duet in 2021.




Vertical dance performer, performer, and model living in Paris/ F.

Ella began moving in the circle oft he circus ring. She fast perfectionned herself in aerials: fabrics, swinging rope and swinging trapeze were her best compagnons.

She performs vertical dance in connection with the environment: delightly high, caressed by the light and the wind, struggling with equilibre and listening for new lines, shapes and rhythms.

She works with Vertical Dance compagnies as Cie Retouramont (Paris) and Cie Volt Experience (Bordeaux) as a performer and a teacher.

She trained with the european compagnies Magalie Lanriot/ P, Retouramont/ F, VDKL/ UK, Gravity and Levity/ UK, Il Posto/ I and follow the artistic idea of the Vertical Dance Forum. She also studied contemporary dance (Conservatoire du 12ème arrondissement, Paris), acrobatics (Ecole des arts chinois du spectacle (Paris), philosophy (Université Paris 10, Nanterre) and somatics (Formation professionnelle Danse voltige et poésie du geste, pédagogie et pratiques somatiques Cie Pepi Morena)

In 2021 she founded the duet Tempo di Borea with Rebekka Gather.



Artist, performer in vertical dance and movement theater and industrial climber living in Basel/CH.

In 2021 she opens her own Vertical Dance Training Hub at the KLYBEQ-Areal where she performs with her vertical dance duo Tempo di Borea and teaches vertical dance.

After completing her studies in Theater and Movement at the Accademia Teatro Dimitri/ CH, she explored her artistic life in various performative projects as a performer, dancer, clown, acrobat and vertical dancer always looking for the connection between different disciplines and the interest of the dancing body in public space. Over the last few years she has focused her artistic project more and more on the unique discipline of vertical dance/ dancing in a harness. For many years she is connecting with Wanda Moretti at the Vertical Dance Center in Venice one of the most important vertical dance pioneers. She has worked with Cie. Retouramont/ F and Magalie Lanriot/ P, Cie. Kopfsprung/CH and is in constant exchange with the vertical dance forum:  VDKL Kate Lawrence/ UK and Gravity & Levity Lindsay Butcher/ UK, who are all looking to establish vertical dance as an independent dance form. Since 2020 she has been working as a performer and teacher in the Cie. Voltexperience in Bordeaux.



Industrial climber and Rigger with highest certification IRAT L-3, living in Basel/ CH.

He is originally from Cape Town and has lived in Switzerland since 2013. Joe has been working as a rope access worker since 2003.

Climbing is his passion - on trees, buildings, rocks or on an expedition in the mountains.

Finding suitable solutions for working at heights is Joe’s specialty.

Since 2021 he is collaborating as rigger and industrial climber for with Rebekka Gather and has find always a safe solution for all vertical dance projects.

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