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There will be a wall
the wall of a building
defining an inside and an outside
a limit between them both
who is neither one or the other

a kind of no-place

There will be two bodies
hanging each one at a single rope, at one single line
listening to the architecture, the surrounding, each other
pacing up and down the surface
opening new spaces

a heterotopia.

sel rose



The performance LIMITS wishes to seize one of these unlived spaces to propose to the audience to experiment it as a specific place called, according to Michel Foucault,


   a heterotopia. « places (…) which are something like counter-sites, a kind of effectively enacted utopia in which the real sites, all the other real sites that can be found within the culture, are simultaneously represented, contested, and inverted. »


     LIMITS induces a reverse of the plan, a reverse of the point of views. Gravity is modified. The time slows down. The dancing bodies deploy movements which are impossible on the ground. Other langages are suddenly possible. The old limits of the town become a new floor, a new horizon. New lines, other rhythms appears, new invisible spaces are opened.


Next dates 2022

Swiss Tour Tanzfest 2022

12/05/22 Fribourg, Blue Factory

13/05/22 Basel, Barfüsserplatz

14/05/22 Yverdon

15/05/22 Fribourg, Blue Factory

Presse/ Video

DOWNLOAD Full project:

Vertical dancers :

Rebekka Gather & Ella Cocset

Violin :

Matthias Klenotta

Choreography & dramaturgy :

Rebekka Gather & Ella Cocset

Production :

Tempo di Borea

sel rose
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