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The Vertical Dance Performance "Dance of the Silk Moth" is inspired by the life cycle of the silk moth. The silk moth is a butterfly from the real moth family (Bombycidae) and as a caterpillar is able to spin silk.

Rebekka Gather conceived the creation based on the four days of life that the silk moth lives as a butterfly. The choreographies were developed with movement research where the dancers focused on the four days and events of the silk moth, incorporating these themes in an abstract way rather than depicting them in a naturalistic way.

The rope is interpreted as both a silk cocoon and a thread of life that the dancers pull along from top to bottom in the performance. The performance contains choreographies in perfect synchronicity, outbursts and disharmonious elements which are also coordinated on the musical level and partly follow each other in contrast along the performance. The audience is allowed to dive into the world and let themselves be carried by the music and the movements. The view upwards surrounded by the open sky allows the audience to find their own story and interpretation in the movements. Around 300 spectators were present at each performance, even passers-by and cyclists stopped to watch the unique dance spectacle accompanied by live music.

Production: Tempo di Borea Dancers: Rebekka Gather, Ella Cocset, Natasja Bode, Suzanne de Bekker 

Composition and live music: Mara Miribung Costume design: Ursina Baur Stage design "SYYDEBÄNDEL": Adrian Falkner Art education: Urban Art Agency Switzerland GmbH 

Safety: Sandro Sturzenegger, Sturzfrei GmbH

Duration: 30min

The stage design and the performance were realised with valuable support from: Christoph Merian Foundation, Swiss-Life, Claire Sturzenegger-Jeanfavre Foundation, Swisslos-Fonds Basel-Stadt, GGG Basel, Ernst Göhner Foundation, Edith Maryon Foundation, E.E. Zunft zur Hausgenossenschaft.


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